Discover How You Can Get Paid $500 to Simply Drive Your Car As Usual.


✅We place a sticker on the back window of your vehicle just like the one below.

EACH VEHICLE will have it's own extension so you will get credit for any lead that comes from your car. 

✅Every time we buy a house that comes from your car, YOU GET PAID! 

✅We do all the work so you never have to take a call or reply to anyone.

Please complete the short form below to get started scheduling your install. 

How To Make Extra Cash While Sitting in Traffic

Dear Future Driver, 

What could you do with an extra $500?

Pay some bills? Have some FUN money? Maybe tuck it away for a rainy day...

The reason I'm asking, we here at Top Gun Home Solutions have 9 drivers (at the moment) on the road with our sticker on their back window. 

Each month, they drive around town as they normally do.

They drive to and from work, to the grocery store, kids games...

As they drive around town, people see our sticker on the back of their car, and call the number to get more information about selling their house.

You see, we are real estate investors, and we are looking to buy houses each and every month.


Simply allow us to place a sticker on the back window of your vehicle.

When we buy a house from someone who calls in from your car, you get paid! 

We pay $500 for every house that we buy that comes from your car. 

There is absolutely no obligation, or work that has to be done on your part. 
We field all of the calls, and manage the entire real estate transaction.

All you have to do is drive around town as you usually would. 

If you have any questions before filling out the form at the top, please give me a call. 

Here is my cell: 937-999-3844


cav pm 1
ken me truck pm
mark pm

So How Do I Get Paid?

Step 1

Sign up to join our driving for cash team and schedule your install.

Step 2

We meet at my place to install your sticker. The whole thing takes less than 20 minutes.

Step 3

You drive your car around town as usual, and we track all calls from your car's unique extension.

Step 4

Every time we buy a house that came from a call from your car, you get paid $500 just like that.

This is a screen shot from our actual system that we use to track all of the calls that come in. 

calls inbound

Ready to Join Our Driving For Cash Team?